Using Gamification to make local elections more engaging for young first-time voters.
This project came to be as a way of engaging young adults in local elections, by using gamification to make it more fun. We researched the best way to engage our target audience and came up with this app design. The project was made by me, Christian Linde and Rikke Hjerresen. 
Young adult males between 18 and 22 that have never voted before, and who do not feel motivated to get involved in national and local elections, because they don't know how and if it impacts their lives.
The reason we limited the target audience to young males was that young adult males are less likely to vote at elections, so there was a good opportunity to really impact them and according to our small focus group showed that gamification was indeed something that piqued their interest.
In this case, the client was Haderslev Municipality, but in theory it could be applied to any local election or national election.
The game is specifically designed as an app, so it can be played on the go, and to make it as easy as possible to engage with the local campaign, for example by scanning election posters and unlocking extra in-game goodies.
Our research showed us that young adult males are more likely to download apps. 
Visual Identity:
Below is the mini-identity we created for this app, along with font choices and colors.

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