Giving young women the confidence to speak about their wants, needs and desires without feeling shame.
Group project by me and a Maria N. Blicher. The idea is to help young women find the confidence to communicate with their partner about their sexual wants and needs, in order to minimize the orgasm gap. 
LYST is a fictional collaboration between Sex & Samfund (Sex and Society) and Sundhedsstyrelsen (National Board of Health).
Primarily a social media campaign (TikTok, Instagram) and a website which serves as the main platform where the target audience can find additional information, for example talks with famous women, advice, etc.
Young women between 15 and 22 years, that are active on social media and in a relationship. A lot of this can be applied to anyone who's sexually active, but we wanted to focus on young women in relationships, since that's where the orgasm gap is biggest.
65% of women achieve an orgasm when having intercourse, but the number is 95% for men. We wanted to know why.
We conducted interview of both young men and women, along with the famous Danish sexologist Joan Ørting, and we concluded that the gap wasn't caused by uncaring partners, but it was a fundamental fear for these young women to discuss their own wants and needs, combined with a lack of knowledge about their own bodies.
How do you visualize needs, wants and desires?
After doing extensive visual research, we needed to figure out what shape our project was going to take. We both love combining traditional media with digital tools so that was a natural place to start for us. But then we faced another challenge - we didn't know how to visualize something like wants and needs. So we decided to enlist the help of the people around us. 
This set the basis for the rest of the visual identity.
Visual Identity​​​​​​​
Social Media Campaign

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