How do you encourage young people to spray perfume on their clothes and not their skin?
ALRGI (Allergi / Allergy) is a series of posters designed to get people to spray perfume on their clothes instead of their skin, since their clothes can't get perfume allergy. This project was a collaboration with Maria N. Blicher. The format and logo is a parody on the cover of Vogue.
The target audience was primarily young adults who take pride in their looks. 
The fictional client was Sundhedsstyrelsen / Board of Health
The platform is outdoor posters & magazine covers.
Exercise in photobashing.
Personal project. This is a fictional project that was an exercise in photobashing and it has no relation to Waterstones, they were the client in a fictional brief.
Art project that tries to highlight discrimination in danish newspapers.
An art project designed to highlight the rhetoric used by newspapers and journalists when writing articles about so-called "immigrant" boys, despite them being born and having lived their entire lives here. This is an attempt to bring attention to a very unfortunate stereotype.
The product was an outdoor campaign and the target audience is Danish newspapers and journalists.
Booklet to celebrate Queen's Greatest Hits.
A book for a fictional limited-edition Queen vinyl box set, featuring all their greatest hits, signed by the band members and printed in limited numbers. The client is a fictional vinyl shop.
The target audience was long-time fans of the band.

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