90% of all furniture is burned - so how do you get people to reuse furniture?
This is a fictional project aimed to make people consider renting designer furniture instead of buying it, only to throw it out later, when their styles or trends change. The project was made in collaboration with Christian Linde, Maria N. Blicher and Mads Vibe. We do not work for HAY, this was a school project.
With the app you can get a preview of how your home would look with a "new" chair or any other piece of furniture, and you can see how much CO2 you've helped save by renting furniture instead of buying new. There's also an option to buy out any piece of furniture you'd like to keep.
Our target audience was people who take a great interest in design and decorating and who often buy new furniture in order to stay up to date with trends.
HAY was the fictional client we chose for this project.
The launch will start with an outdoor campaign in two phases, followed by a social media campaign to promote the launch of the app, which is the main product.

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