Hello hi, I'm Anne!

Scroll down to see some of my stuff. :)

Byg Din By (Build Your City)
We designed this app as a way of getting more young people involved with municipality elections, by using gamification to make the process more fun.
Vejle Municipality
Interior design for Vejle Municipality, to make it easier for citizens to correctly identify and find the various departments.
A project about The Orgasm Gap, that aims to help (primarily) young women take charge of their wants, needs and preferences and help them gain the confidence they need to talk with their partner about them.
Visual identity for Plagiat (Plagiarism), a collaboration between various danish artists, influencers and the national Ethical Council that uses humor to make a point and start a discussion about how we're going to use AI in the future, while avoiding doing more harm than good.
App-design to help people decorate their homes in a more environmentally friendly way.
Posters & Layout
Here you can see a collection of various posters, magazines and other layout related projects I've had the pleasure of working on.
3D Experiments
I've been having so much fun messing around with Cinema 4D, after we had a course introduce us to it. You can see some of my experiments here along with some of my other personal projects.
Voxel World
Branding and identity design for an exhibit focused on teaching about technology through interaction, primarily focused on students and their teachers, in order to collaborate with schools and make learning fun.
A collection of various logos I've made.
Videos & Animation
Here's a collection of various video projects I've been involved in.
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